The World’s Worst Travel Disasters…

You never know what might happen when you are travelling from natural disasters to man made. Holiday Horror loved this slide show “Travel and Leisure” has put together explaining the top 11 WORST holiday scenarios!


Where to stay??

We would recommend that young travellers stay in hostels. Hostel’s are cheap and a fabulous way to meet other travellers. They also generally provide you with enough information about the city you are staying in so you know the best way to get around and what to see and do. Picking a hostel can make or break a trip so it’s important to know what you are looking for….

Partying Overseas

Large numbers of Australians get into trouble overseas as a direct result of partying too hard and forgetting about simple safety precautions. Parties and festivals like Full Moon Parties in Koh Phangan, Thailand and Oktoberfest in Germany can be fun experiences but drinking too much or taking drugs can put you in difficult and often dangerous situations far from home. Check out our top ten tips and make sure your trip is memorable for all the right reasons.

Many young Australians get into serious trouble overseas as a direct result of partying too hard and forgetting about simple safety precautions that would come naturally to them when drinking at home. The party scene overseas is much larger than in Australia especially festivals such as Full Moon Parties in Koh Phangan. These can be a lot of fun but too many people think they are invincible and get into dangerous situations far from home.

Smartraveller has compiled 10 tips please take a look!

7 ways to avoid spending your holiday in the bathroom:

Many of the comments placed on our Facebook page come from users who have experienced terrible bowel movements while overseas causing them to have a HORRIFIC holiday. You will never be able to totally avoid an upset stomach but there are a few ways to try and avoid it.

The link below gives you 7 foods to avoid on your travels!


Going overseas is very exciting and people tend to think more about what they will wear each day rather than how they are going to legalistically get around from country to country. If you are smart and organise a few things before you go there is no reason to stress while you are overseas.

This is a fabulous list complied by CNN full of things to remember and avoid before you head off on your adventures!



Bali is Australian’s favourite holiday destination,


Did you know that on average one Australian dies every 9 days and hundreds more are injured. Australian consulate officials believe that majority of the accidents are drug and alcohol fueled. These avoidable mishaps cause trouble for thousands of Australians. Young travelers tend to think that when they are in another country the rules no longer apply to them. This is not the case.

Information released to the Sun Herald by the Foreign Affairs Department reveals 39 Australians died in Bali in 2011-12. Along with this another 93 sought serious medical treatment in hospital. 36 Australians were arrested and 18 more jailed. These are only the statistics that the Australian consulate received. Many more would have gone on without them being notified.

Deaths in Bali

These statistics are scary. We need to somehow change young peoples mentality and make them realise the dangers of Bali before it’s too late.